Malnutrition- a Silent Killer

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February 12, 2020
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February 25, 2020

Lack of proper nutritional food quantitatively as well as qualitatively caused the fatal syndrome called malnutrition.

India has set its footprints in various historical and revolutionary inventions. Doing this the country has established itself in the row of progressive countries. Children are the future of any nation. Their sound health is the backbone of our development. Because a healthy and active mind resides inside a healthy body. 

But a hidden enemy is bit by bit hollowing the strength of the country making it less productive. The enemy is malnutrition. In India the under-nutrition population sharply raised and reached the figure around 48.2 billion. One of every five children below five years in India is underweight and patient of malnutrition.

What is malnutrition?

Lack of proper nutritional food quantitatively as well as qualitatively caused the fatal syndrome called malnutrition. This is caused mostly in children up to six years and pregnant women for not eating enough food or not consuming enough of right nutrients (proteins, vitamins, energy, minerals) required for individual body.  This mother is less likely to give birth of healthy baby.

Malnutrition gradually destructing the future generation….the hope of a nation.

According to a survey done by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation some 795 million people across the globe majority from lower-middle-income countries are suffering from chronic undernourishment. Around 36% of world’s population lived in extreme poverty hence fail to provide nutritional food to expecting mothers. The pregnant women in many families do not get proper care and nourishment they required to give birth to a healthy child. Due to lack of vitamin and mineral supplements from maternal side increases the health issues like gestational anemia, hypertension, miscarriage, fetal deaths, preterm delivery, and maternal mortality.

Low carbohydrates diet during pregnancy may cause birth defects like malformation in brain, spinal cord, and spine. 

Disease caused by malnutrition

Prolong absence of nutritional food from diet retards physical maturity and leads to malady like

  • Kwashiorkor- A protein deficiency syndrome causes swelling up of different body parts, abnormal hair loss, patchy or peel off skin. 
  • Marasmus- A severe protein and calorie deficit disease shows symptoms of loss of body weight, body fat depletion and gives thin, lean and skinny appearance. 
  • Anemia- Caused by iron deficiency in diet leads to a serious health issue. 

Severe under-nutrition conditions can cause night blindness even death also. 

Can I contribute my bit to fight malnutrition and build healthy society of active people?

I know a girl from slum, Yuthi. The five years old come to the park on her mother’s lap with wide outward exposed eyes. Her mother, a rag picker makes her sit on the grass and starts collecting the wastes from surrounding. I noticed many times Yuthi stretched her thin skinny hands with excitement when the children play with ball, run and have fun with each other. I saw her trying to stand on her thin scrawny leg but also discover her disappointing gloomy face when she fell down before moving two steps ahead. The child is an unfortunate casualty of malnutrition.

There are millions of Yuthi around us struggling, surviving with physical distortion and many of them are facing death at very tender age of their life. Most of this because of malnutrition. Government along with some kind hearted people from social organisation are coming forward to work for eradicating this evil. 

Happinessville has taken an initiative to provide nutritional food and supplements to the children and women live in extreme poverty. We also arrange for treatment of undernutrition people around us. The task is challenging. But we are in continuous efforts in creating awareness throughout the world about in taking healthy food and ensure happy healthy life. If you have passion to do something worthy for the society away from economic activities this is the right time to join our mission and give back something good to the society. We cannot serve all the distressed but at least we can make a few sad faces happy with our time, skill and financial help.  Contribute to the non-profit activities of happinessville and be part of dedicated team of volunteers. We love, we care and work to bring positive changes to the people live around us.


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