Save water


Save water-save the planet


Once I asked my first graders about the most essential commodity on this earth without which the existence of life isn’t possible. Promptly they all respond…. Water. 

We all know they are correct. So it is justified to say another name of water is life. People live in some parts of the world are fortunate enough to avail of this vital resource adequately. But the escalating number of population from the different nations are complaining about the scarcity of this resource. Many of them travelled a long distance every day to fetch a pail of drinking water. Just imagine population of some cities buy regular household usable water for high prices.



Let’s have a look at the alarming data:-


Approx.  1.1 billion people across the globe lack admittance of pure water nearby them.

Especially Mexico city, 

Jakarta in Indonesia, 

Cape Town in South Africa,

Sao Paulo in Brazil, 

Tokyo in Japan.


From the above data, which is only a part of big list, we can witness most of world’s major cities are experiencing water scarcity. India is also under threat of poor water availability in the states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, etc.

As we all learn in our childhood textbook- freshwater or usable water makes up significantly small part (only 2.5%) of the entire water available in 70 percent of the earth’s surface. A mere 1% of that freshwater is easily accessible with major parts trapped in glaciers. 

Groundwater level is notably going down in urban areas. Increasing the number of skyscrapers, road and railway construction caused in the dumping of local water bodies and omit the local water bodies from the map. These all lead to scarcity of rain and gradually affect crop production and interrupt our ecosystem. The day is not far when water will be costlier than any other edible commodities in our own city. 

Happinessville has considered this environmental issue seriously thus take some preventive measures to help the nation overcome the future water crisis. 

 Happinessville, through its non-profit activities always effortful to bring positive changes in people’s life and lifestyle. Little contributions from every responsible individual can keep away the risk of water scarcity from our planet.  


How can we do our bit to save and conserve water?


Fix leaks

Be careful to fix the leaks in pipes and taps to prevent water wastage.

Recycle indoor water and use for garden plant 

Reuse the used water for watering plants in your garden. Believe me the plants will grow well with the used water.


Fill the bathtub halfway or less

Filling the bathtub halfway can save the water wastage.


Turn off water taps when not in use

While brushing, shaving, washing vegetables use less water as much as possible. Turn the tap off when you are not using it.


Wash full loads of clothes and dishes

I will recommend you to use high technology washing machine to do laundry which uses limited water and give cleaner appearance to our clothes. Use full load of dishes in dishwasher to avoid water wastage.


Use shower for few minutes while bathing

Use shower only for five minutes for bathing.


Join Happinessville and contribute to the noble cause of saving water related projects to make your next generation’s life comfortable and stable.