Why should I donate money to NGO?

Why you should join an NGO as a volunteer?
February 12, 2020

The most selfless help I have seen is done by these Organizations, the NGOs, NON Governmental Organizations that work for the humanity.

The most selfless help I have seen is done by these Organizations, the NGOs, NON Governmental Organizations that work for the humanity. There are some places where the government organizations or the private sector cannot reach out for help due to some factors or the non-feasibility of the monetary fund because of having less or no profit, here the NGO comes into action being a complete non-profit organization working for people.  I have heard that these NGOs help people without any barrier of caste, sex, economic class or any other. They organize medical camp, distribute clothes, blankets, teach students from low economical background, etc. Also when some area is struck with some natural calamities say for example, flood caused by heavy downpour, drought, earthquake, etc, these NGOs run to help. At such time we cannot go there and so I think donating would be of a better way to help and feel that yes I can stand with the help needed people!

It is said if you do good to others you get back good to yourself. Donating money, food or any other materialistic things do matters but the most that matters to me is the mental satisfaction following by the inner happiness and joy that I would get after a person who really needs help will be provided. Behind these a wave of emotion generates that instigates bundles positive vibes shot from my inner soul that would make me feel embraced. This bit of my, self satisfaction is achieved by the help of these NGOs, who carry all these activities to reach out to the needy. They are in a constant path in this beautiful and caring activity. 

Obviously if I am a donor, my mind would be flooded with questions like: Which NGO is the best to donate?  My donations, will not be wasted right? So for this I think the best thing you can do is to check the history records of the NGO, which they usually keep for their donors to have a look at, you are willing to donate. Also some of the NGO will be doing particular or specific activities and so it depends on the donor in which activity is he/she willing to donate the funds. Also there are certain online platforms where you can donate. I would mention IMPACT, a mobile application that converts your calories burned to charity and you can donate. But CAUTION, there might be even some frauds that would enable these platforms for their self cause and cheat you. Thus choose wisely and you should donate, as it is for a CAUSE, in which ever you feel satisfied!

Don’t turn away, Give today!


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