Why you should join an NGO as a volunteer?

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February 12, 2020
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February 15, 2020

Volunteers are the willing server; devote their service for social cause to make this earth a better place for the distressed.

Find 9 reasons for – Why you should join an NGO as a volunteer.

Volunteers are the willing server; devote their service for social cause to make this earth a better place for the distressed. Volunteering for Ngo is an equally challenging and skill-enhancing job. Social organisations always have need for enthusiastic, energetic and self-motivated volunteers to serve the unprivileged and economically backward section. 

A volunteer can leverage his specialized skills and talents to strengthen the foundation of the non-profits provides training to underprivileged women, children, abandoned aged people to lead a better life in society. Through rehabilitation volunteering, you can help to transform and rebuild the lives of uprooted victims of natural disasters, physically handicapped.  You can also do your bit through Online volunteering which is considered a force for global evolution like raising funds, making donations for a noble cause like child treatment, eradicating infant mortality due to malnutrition etc.

Dream Malnutrition Free India

Some people intend to join NGOs to acquire specific professional skills that their dream career demands, through extremely challenging and dynamic activities undertaken by NGOs. Finally, whatever the motivation may be, the combine efforts help the people in need thus turn out to be a way to give back to society.  

Here are the reasons that reflect multiple aspects and benefits of volunteering for NGOs.

1. Social contribution: There is always chance for you to work for the cause you are most passionate about as there are multiple ways to serve the community. Thus contribute to the development of society. Simply donate food to the starving, below poverty level people or teach poor children and you will be delighted with their happy faces.

2. Develop a personality:

Volunteering for NGO help you improve your interpersonal skill. You get chance to work with versatile and skilled people throughout your volunteering journey. This experience accelerates your personal intensification.

3. Helpful in building career:

Substantial amount of hands on experience on live projects, working with collaboration, always give you an edge over other job-seeking candidates. Thus your working experience with NGOs and recommendation letters provided by them make you first choice of the employers hence smoothen your way to achieve your dream job. You can search online which foundation is best that works in your zone of interest and find out how to join NGOs to start working with them. Take the initiative to explore the work culture of Indian NGOs. 

4. Gain happiness:

You personally feel contented when you help needy people around you in their difficulties. You will be more than happy when your little effort makes difference in people’s lives and help them lead better lives with a bright future prospect. Because men always become more satisfied in giving than taking. Collect and donate old clothes and woollens to the poor and make their life a little more comfortable in chilly winter.

5. Develop leadership skill:

While working with efficient leaders on different projects under best NGOs in Ahmedabad and other big cities you learn good leadership skills. You will become highly productive while working in a group. 

6. Add on to port-folio:

Working experience in NGO adds on to your CV apart from your qualifications. Thus help you to shine out in the crowd of job seeker. Your volunteering experience builds major part of your portfolio as deserving candidate. Employer always prefers experience candidate than highly qualified inexperienced employee. You can also choose part time internship in Ahmedabad based XYZ NGO and get an appreciation certificate. 

7. Develop large network:

While working with Indian NGOs you come in contact with highly established people and organizations that the NGO near you is working with. So there is a vast opportunity for learning skills from them, having contact with them which may help you build your career. You come across people from different culture which helps you to reflect on your culture and make you better human being. You have chance to make new friends with likeminded people. You can join XYZ NGOs in Ahmedabad for an internship program online to apply your skills and talents from your professional activities into hobbies.

8. Create a broader perspective:

Volunteering service little or big whatever is selfless task mostly done for serving community unconditionally. This broadens your perspective and molds you to be a true human being that forms the strongest pillar of society. 

9. Making life better: 

Last but not least you can contribute to making people’s lives better than before. As a result, by the law of nature your own life will become many times better than before. 

Whatever reason that may drive you to work with non-profits after all you are making a quality utilization of your spare time away from your economic activity and helping the NGOs to sustain their capacity to achieve their mission.


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